The trout season has finally arrived and with it has been some glorious weather here in Yorkshire. Calm, bright days with consistently warm temperatures have resulted in brilliant fishing for our guests that have ventured out for the start of the season. The trout have been in fine form and are well mended from their winter time spawning, resulting in fin perfect fish that have given a great account of themselves.

At this time of year, nymphs are really the order of the day. Although many fish can be seen rising, a well placed pheasant tail or olive baetis nymph is smaller sizes will be readily accepted in favour of a dry fly. That said, the duo or ‘Klink and Dink’ method of fishing a dry fly with a suspended nymph has been the most successful approach so far, allowing the angler to present both options to the target fish and aid in take detection when the fish homes in on the nymph. One thing which is very evident at this time of year is the anglers ability to spot fish and then how they approach the situation in front of them. I see it very often when anglers come down and fish that they either forget to bring or simply don’t own a pair of polarised sunglasses and many anglers don’t even wear a hat. This surprises me as despite the river being crystal clear, the addition of a pair of good quality polarised glasses really helps in spotting fish to target, thus reducing the number of spooked fish or pushing fish upstream which in turn results in more fish spooking further upstream. Another valuable point about polarised sunglasses is that they allow the angler to read how a fish reacts to their fly and then determine whether a fly change is needed or that the fish is simply spooked. A final point and probably the most important point is that wearing any form of glasses will stop any risk of an angler injuring themselves if an accident happened. The addition of a baseball hat will further reduce any accidents whilst fishing and helps to further reduce glare and allow the angler to have much better visibility whilst fishing.

Hopefully these tips will help improve your fishing and allow you to both target more fish and be more successful. We do stock a range of good quality polarised glasses in our fishing hut for anglers to purchase when they visit. For more information on polarised glasses and the benefits they have or if you would like to know more about sight fishing at Mulberry Whin then please drop us an email to You could also drop our river manager Will a call on 07463 808035.


Tight Lines

  1. Hi I’ve fished with Yorkshire fly guys at Mulberry, and note your change to syndicate in 2019.
    What is the price of joining it please?

    • Hi Mick,

      The syndicate is £1200 per year. This gives you 350 days of fishing per year and you are allowed to bring a guest on each visit. In addition to this you can also book out the beat completely for your use 2 days a year. There is also a £300 joining fee for the first year however for this you will receive a free half day of guided fishing and free fishing this year as well. If this is still of interest then please drop me a call on 07463 80 80 35 and I can give you a run through of the other benefits that come with membership and the planned works and improvements we will be doing before the start of the 2019 trout season.

      Many thanks


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